Sunday, November 12, 2006


Shark Attack Forces Beaches To Close

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Yesterday one of my favorite spots to watch surfers learn to surf was the scene of a shark attack on Maui. As far as I know, this was the first shark attack at this popular surfing area called Cove Park. A resident of Vancouver, Canada, (a former lifeguard and competitive swimmer) Jeff Gruen, was about 30 feet from shore when he was bitten by a shark on his left hand and thigh. He is in stable condition in the hospital here. The attack resulted in the closure by beach officials of South Maui beaches from the incident at Cove Park all the way to Keawakapu Beach. When I drove by the beaches today, they were nearly deserted. This is the fourth shark attack in recent years with only one fatality of the four.

Why are sharks coming so close to the shore? OVERFISHING is what I believe to be the answer to this question. Our oceans are in crisis in multiple ways. We need to turn this crisis around and make the health of our oceans and all its creatures large and small our highest PRIORITY!

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Has there been any mention of what kind of shark this might have been?
Yes shark attacks are very rare and it is a risk every time you get in the water. Not to get scared but be aware we share the ocean, swim at your own risk! Although it makes me think twice about just floating in the ocean and relaxing in the water!!!! I agree the sharks are coming closer in recent years looking for food, as far as I know sharks don't like to hunt for food in the bright daylight hours and come close to shore unless they cant find food hence with the over fishing this may be a new trend !
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