Sunday, November 05, 2006


Photo Expedition

Wake-up calls most often come unbidden, and usually they provoke change in oneself unless one is totally dense. My wake-up call came last week when I viewed from my car an amazing site: a water funnel. This water funnel resembled a tornado. Since I always pack two digital cameras with me, it wouldn't have been much trouble for me to find a place to pull over and take some photos of this rare natural phenomena. However, I was late for an appointment, so I passed on the opportunity. It was only later when I saw a photo of this water funnel on the front page of the Maui News newspaper that I kicked myself. Why didn't I stop and take a photo--I asked myself! Am I so accustomed to rushing around and juggling projects that I would pass up a photo op like this? So in my attempt to redeem myself in my OWN eyes, I decided to venture on a photo expedition today!

One of my other blogs is a photo blog titled Wailea Daily Photo, and I post photos on this blog daily as the name would suggest. The man who started the worldwide Daily Photos is Eric of Paris Daily Photo. I chanced upon Eric's enchanted photoblog in my online surfing and joined like many others in cities around the world with my contribution to daily photos. One of my passions is photography, but since I've joined this illustrious group of daily photographers, my passion has grown. Since joining up and ogling the artistry of photographers, I have become a photo addict! Below I share some of the photos I shot today. Most are self-explanatory. Others are dubious. What are they? Can you tell me?

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