Tuesday, November 07, 2006


History Made Today in Elections by Women

Although all the results aren't in yet, imho the BIG election event in national politics is this: Nancy Pelosi will be the FIRST FEMALE SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE! This is huge! A shift in power is taking place in many respects. Reorganization and change is blowing in the wind.

Hawaii is traditionally a Democratic state, and yet the last I heard Governor Linda Lingle, our Republican governor, is retaining her lead at the present time. The Mayor of Maui race is currently being won by another woman, the Democrat Charmaine Tavares, with a 51% lead.

Another exciting event is transpiring tomorrow with a rare astronomical event. Mercury will make a transit across the face of the Sun. This last happened in 2003. If you would like to view a webcast of this, click here. You can read more about this event here.

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Yes, it is nice to see women in office...gradual change leads to a new balance of power
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