Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Dancing With The Stars Finalists

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Like so many others in America, I am riveted by the dancing and soap opera of the ABC show Dancing With The Stars! Tonight I watched to see if my intuition was on target. Which couple would be the remaining two couples to duke/dance it out in the finals next week? My intuition was correct because Mario Lopez & his dance partner Karina and Emmitt Smith & his dance partner Cheryl were the finalists! Of course, I expect Mario and Karina to win, but ya never week we'll find out! The race is on!

Dancing With The Stars is a magical show, and soon many of the celebrity dancers from former shows (and this one too) and professional dancers will go on tour. Tickets are projected to be $60 with VIP tickets at $150, and I have zero doubt that the tickets will be sold out in a flash. If the show comes to Hawaii, I hope to attend. If you wish to find out more about this exciting show, here's the link!

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Have not watched this season. But I have enjoyed past shows and give credit to all the seems like a lot of hard work. But the pay off is worth it...instant is like a jack pot for actors who have not been in the spotlight for awhile! A big money maker for all.
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