Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Dancing With The Stars Finale

Like most of America, I was watching the finale of Dancing With The Stars last evening. Mario and Emmitt, the two finalists and contenders for the title, were required to perform THREE dances with the last one being freestyle. The studio audience went crazy screaming for these two SUPER HOT and TALENTED dancers and their partners.

Tonight the final votes will have been tallied, and the winner will be announced! Since I am a huge fan of BOTH of these celebrity dancers, I find it hard to call it. Both have sex appeal, charisma, talent and drive. I truly feel that Mario has the most talent, but the fact that Emmitt has worked so hard to come this far in the competition and is the underdog in many respects makes me want him to win! Both are more famous because of dancing on this show-- they are now known merely by their FIRST names! Both men will have earned a bigger fan base, opportunities and celebrity status--so neither one will really be a loser.

If you're interested in some of the blogs of the dancers, here's the link.

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At this very moment I am watching the end of Dancing with the Stars. I am hoping they announce Mario Lopez wins.
He is such an amazing dancer.
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