Saturday, November 04, 2006


Coconut Tree Trim Day

Every year our six VERY TALL coconut palm trees birth many coconuts which need to be taken down by a professional tree trimmer. This job is usually done by Tongans on Maui. We have a regular Tongan tree trimmer who shows up every year with his two dogs, but due to a death in his family, he wasn't able to trim our coconut trees this year. So we put the word out for another tree trimmer who could provide us with a certificate of liability insurance. And then the rain came-- it poured cats and dogs for several days! Finally we have a sunny day, and the tree trimmer is hacking away at these coconuts and the palm fronds which tumble to the ground with thundering thuds.

These coconuts are full of milk and quite heavy. I think the earthquake shook our heavily laden coconut trees up a bit, so quite a few coconuts have been falling out of the tree lately. One falling coconut startled us recently when it fell late at night because of where it fell--right on top of our outdoor thick glass table which was completely shattered by the impact. I relate this story to give you an idea of how deadly these coconuts could be were one to fall on someone's head!

Fresh coconut milk is delicious, and roadside proprietors sell it by opening a coconut with a machete and then putting a straw in it. This is one of my favorite local drinks! The price for this fresh coconut milk has gone up in recent years just like everything else on Maui. You can read more about coconut milk here.

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