Saturday, November 25, 2006


Catalog Season

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Our first Christmas card arrived BEFORE Thanksgiving, and the catalog inundation in our mailbox began soon after. More than bills or Christmas cards, our mailbox is bulging with catalogs, many I've never seen before. Flipping through these catalogs, I'm amazed at the ingenuity, enterprise and creativity by people who originated the products offered for sale. Some of these products are so unique and unusual that I wonder about the designer. What inspired the designers to create these products? I would be interested to read their stories.

For instance, artist Fred Szatkowski designed a puzzle map of the USA with each state represented by the animals and wildlife known to each state in three dimensional poly resin with pewter finish detail. Once assembled, a black wooden case with a see-through plexiglass cover allows you to display this puzzle. I saw this item in a catalog called Bits and Pieces.

Another unusual item comes from the Improvements Catalog, a wall clock which can be personalized with photos of others in place of the hours. Not only can you personalize this clock with a photo, you "can greet each hour with a different personal message, recorded for someone special. A thoughtful gift for grandparents who don't live down the block. Every hour on the hour ("like clockwork"), they'll hear a different 5-second message recorded by you and your kids."

When I contemplate the awesome creativity that went into creating such products, I ask myself this: if people can create all of these amazing products, why can't we, the human race, create an End to Hunger? Why can't we create Affordable Housing? Why can't we create Peace on Earth? Surely we can, and we must if we are to survive! We must value these URGENTLY needed creations more than infrared thermometers, talking pedometers, microwave heated ice cream scoops, and jiggling santas.

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Seeing people's creativity and ingenuity being fleshed out into products is always interesting - that wall clock is nice, I have to get me one of those when I get older and grayer.

Thanks for looking at my blog, by the way, it's much appreciated.
It is amazing what people are capable of coming up with!

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