Friday, November 03, 2006


Borat Makes A Splash

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If you follow entertainment news, you probably have either already seen or heard about the new movie titled "Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan". Isn't that a doozy of a title? Apparently this movie (which hasn't yet opened on Maui) is very controversial, crude, offensive, funny (to some) and with a strong sexual content. It stars Sacha Baron Cohen (a comedian) and Pamela Anderson. You can read here a whole page of reviews by different critics of their take on this movie. This movie isn't making the REAL nation of Kazakhstan any too happy I've read because of the image it portrays of a man from their country.

If your weekend movie tastes lean more to the uplifting and spiritual as mine do, the Spiritual Cinema Circle is offering a FREE movie online titled "Baker's Men". You can download it here. The Spiritual Cinema Circle is a wonderful organization, and the movies they offer for a very low price are well worth it imho.

If any of my reader's want to throw your two-cents in and make a comment about either of these two movies, please comment away and have a relaxing, loving weekend!

Today this blog Who's Yo Mama made it's 200th posting! Yahoooo! And another one of my blogs, Moonlight Becomes Me made it's 111th posting! Wow!

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As long as everyone is a target and no group gets it harder than any other, I think Borat will be a very funny moment .. I'll be finding out later today
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