Saturday, November 18, 2006


Big Game Day for OSU-Michigan Football

Since my partner is a Buckeye and Ohio State University college football Certifiable Maniac, today is a very BIG DAY! Those of you who follow college football know that today is the day when arch rivals Ohio State University and Michigan give it all they got for the championship. Both are unbeaten teams plus they have a long-standing rivalry. My partner is with fellow Buckeyes fans and Michigan fans at the local Sports bar cheering on his team. There is quite a large group of Buckeyes who gather at the Sports Bar in Kihei with my partner as the numero uno cheerleader and leader, and the screams this group gives with the "Give me an O chant" is deafening. I tried sitting through a football game with the group once this season, and my ear drums didn't recover for a week. So I'm watching the game in peace and quiet at home with friends.

Right now it's the fourth quarter of the game, and the score is 35-31 in Ohio State's favor...and I'm imagining it must be pandemonium in the sports bar and all across America, especially in Columbus, Ohio where the game is being played. My partner will likely return from the game with barely a voice (this is common!) because he will have screamed so strongly for his team. He will glide on air for a month if indeed Ohio State wins today, and if his team (his alma mater) loses, he will be glum for even longer. We shall see what fate has in store in the world of football and for me who will have to either periodically peel him off the ceiling or lift his spirits from the floor.

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