Sunday, November 26, 2006


Being of Service

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Lately much of my time has been taken up with helping others. I don't mind--in fact, I'm delighted I have the opportunity to serve. One of the many ways I've been of service is by assisting my daughter and her mate to get re-settled in their new Kula home. Moving is such a stressful time, and according to articles I've read, moving is considered one of the highest stressors there is...right up there with the wedding day!

The logistics of moving all the 'stuff'; the chaos & clutter in the new place once it is moved; the decisions where to put the moved 'stuff' and which 'stuff' to get rid-of; and the clean-up of the residence left behind at the same time attempting to hold down a job is not such an easy chore. Lucky for my daughter and her mate, I'm the kind of person who loves to dig into this kind of work for I have passions and energy for weeding out the old, organization and decoration skills.

Another one of my fun projects is collecting all kinds of articles to give to charities and those in need for Christmas. So I've been gathering my stash of goodies, collating, boxing what I can, and in the next couple of weeks, I'll begin the distribution process. The Christmas season is always a busy, joyous season for me.

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