Thursday, October 19, 2006


Thirteen Reasons I Am Grateful

Sometimes it's super easy to be grateful, and there are other times one has to stretch to find the place of complete and utter gratitude. Here are my THIRTEEN latest reasons to be grateful:

1. No one was seriously hurt or injured in the recent Hawaiian Islands earthquakes.
2. The crack in our roof from the earthquake (even though some rain came in) is being repaired by a trusted repairman who is taking time off from his regular job to fix it before more rain comes and the damage is worsened.
3. Our cat, Anela, didn't run away when the earthquake struck like so many island cats did and not return causing their owners a huge amount of sorrow.
4. A neighbor caught the annoying, loud koki frog in our neighborhood.
5. The recent rains made the foliage and landscape on Maui resplendent and vividly green.
6. You find out who your friends are when push comes to shove.
7. I'm happy this blog is growing in popularity and readership. Mahalo Nui Loa one and all! Your emails and comments mean a lot to me.
8. The power coming back here in Maui was quick. Mahalo HECO!
9. I am grateful for the courteous drivers who drove responsibly when the traffic signals weren't working after the earthquake on Maui. No one seemed to be in a panic or rushed, and everywhere I drove, I witnessed the aloha spirit in action.
10. I'm grateful for our new tenants--a darling, happy, sweet couple.
11. Our home withstood a huge shaking, and except for one crack, it's still standing with zero breakage, spoilage of food, or major damage.
12. My tennis elbow is healing with the help of homeopathic remedies.
13. I'm grateful I have the opportunity to serve others with my talents, love and intentions.

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Gratitude brings more good things, and I'm grateful for your list. :-)
Those are all great reasons to be grateful. thanks for posting
Very nice list and a wonderful theme for a t13. I'm happy to hear that you got through the earthquake in one piece.

Happy Thursday!
Glad everyone is ok after the earthquake. Maui is one of my favorite places on earth.
I am glad everyone is OK. How frightening for you. I spent a summer in Hawaii and loved it. What a fabulous place!
I am glad to hear that you are ok. It is good to hear that noone was killed as well.
We had a similar TT this week!
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