Thursday, October 26, 2006


Thirteen Costumes I've Already Worn for Halloween

1. Gypsy
2. Angel
3. Shaman
4. Dance Hall Girl
5. Queen Elizabeth
5. Cat
6. Faerie
7. Goddess Athena
8. French Maid
9. Cavewoman
10. Blue Being
11. Lady In Red
12. Mermaid
13. Lady in Black

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But what are you going to be this year??
Cool costumes you've had!
Costumes I had included:

1French Maid,
3 Vampire,
4sandhill/golf course ( made out of astro turf),
5 doll,
6 cowgirl,
7 Eve (Adam and Eve)
8 Cave Girl
9 was sick
10 watched scary movies
11 bear
12 devil
13 this year a cat a sexy cat! Meow!!!
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