Friday, October 13, 2006


Stuff Management

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Today was a day of Dealing With Stuff...throwing out stuff, moving stuff, shuffling stuff from one place to another, and cleaning stuff. I know there have to be days like this from time to time, and since today was Friday the 13th, why not make this day live up to it's reputation as a horrible day? And what could be more horrible than dealing with Stuff I asked myself?

I procrastinate performing stuff-management because it's so tedious, time-consuming and boring. Since the carpet was professionally cleaned yesterday, I had to move much of the stuff off the floor in one room where many papers were thrown into large baskets. Attractive large baskets--yes. Organized--not! And once the carpets dried, I knew I couldn't live with my conscience if I didn't finally deal with the stuff in those baskets.

You may be an stuff accumulator like me. If so, you are probably amazed how quickly stuff accumulates! Like bunnie rabbits, stuff seems to breed and multiply overnight, and if you don't pay attention, the piles grow larger and larger. Eventually these piles become formidable and scarifying because you know it's going to take many long hours to go through all the papers and sort them. Today I dealt with approximately four months of papers and stuff. The bad news: I didn't find some of the papers I was searching for. The good news: I feel much lighter and freed-up! I know where many missing things are again! Yoo-hoo! Now the papers in the baskets are neatly organized. Well---nearly. Stuff to be given away to others is organized.

There is just one more thing I have to do: catch that frigging, singing coqui frog and move him to another planet. He has recently moved into the neighborhood, and I don't care for his insistent chirp all evening long. It is very annoying. Coqui frogs are (for the most part) not welcomed here in Hawaii because of this sound they make at night. On the other hand, some people champion them and wish them well. You can hear the sound of a coqui frog on this website, the Hawaiian Coqui Organization.
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