Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Striking It Rich

By now most people probably have heard the news that YouTube was purchased by Google for $1.65-billion U.S. dollars. From a company run above a California pizzeria twenty months ago by two twentysomething friends, You Tube is the most phenomenal success story of recent times.

What's more, YouTube will still get to operate independently by its original owners (and 67 employees) and not even have to move. Sweet....very sweet deal! Congratulations Chad and Steven (the braniacs behind YouTube)!

How did this YouTube success story happen? Probably there was a mix of hard work, Grace, risk, supporters and fun. Views of the sites videos are estimated at 100 million times a day by roughly 72 million visitors. The numbers and awesome popularity are staggering. And all this success came from word of mouth in less than two years.

This video clips on the site are of all kinds, many of them homemade. I believe this is what accounts for some of their popularity. People are looking for the REAL and not just the slickly marketed video clips done by the 'suits'.

Some of the material is copyrighted material, and this is where negotiations will be strategic.

Here's a video of Chad & Steven announcing the deal.

Here's another version of our possible future: Kubrick2001

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You Tube is a perfect example of s growing trend of reality celebrity. It works , its creative, its the new way
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