Sunday, October 15, 2006


Shake, Rattle and Roll in the Hawaiian Islands

As many may have already heard on the news, the Hawaiian Islands experienced a 6.5 earthquake early this Sunday morning. Right now, no fatalites have been reported, just injuries. The power was out for several hours because it was shut down for emergency reasons. The power is now back on here in Maui, and thus I am blogging about this event just in case the power should go out again. Many people may be concerned, and so I'm letting them know through this blog. I felt something coming, and this is why I awoke really early this morning before daybreak

I was lighting candles at my Northwest altar when I felt the first early rumble and informed my partner in the kitchen to prepare for an earthquake. As the rumble intensified and the house shook, his eyes grew bigger and bigger. We both stood quietly in place. I wasn't afraid, and I experienced the wonderment of the moment. My partner, on the other hand, was rattled. A few breakable items rolled onto our wood floor without breaking. A phone call from a friend informed me that she heard from friends that they were going to church when they normally don't go!

The earthquake was closer to the Big Island than Maui, and so most of the damage was sustained there. Flights coming into the Islands are allowed, but flights going out are not allowed at this point in time.

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Thanx for blogging about this!
Just curious, has there been any talk of volcanic activity? According to Earthquake watch from Google there has been at least 20 earthquakes in that area in the last week.
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