Friday, October 06, 2006


Seeking Truth

It has been one of those rare times for me: feeling sick. Usually I'm very healthy and going a mile a minute with many different projects. I tell myself I don't have time to be sick. However, I guess I needed some 'down' time, and thus, the sickness came. First, I had heartburn--serious heartburn. I have never experienced what it's like to have serious heartburn. Needless to say, I did everything in my power using all the tools in my arsenal of healing products to make it go away! This effort took me nearly 14 hours. I was beginning to wonder what was going on with me. I looked up 'heartburn' in the Louise L. Hay book titled, "Heal Your Body", and this is what was written: "Fear. Fear. Fear. Clutching fear." Now this analysis didn't seem to apply to me at all, and thus began my process of determining what the heck was going on with me. Was there a secret I was keeping from myself?

Then came the flu-like symptoms: chills alternating with a high fever, headache, and the sense that you can barely talk and keep your eyes open. All I wanted to do was sleep. These are the symptoms which are the 'flu' bug making the rounds of Maui now. So today was my day for cracking open a book that I had ordered ages ago from and reading maybe a chapter if I was lucky and then falling right back to sleep.

This book titled "Lily Dale" and subtitled, "the true story of the town that talks to the dead," by Christine Wicker is a most excellent read. The photo above is a photo I took of a photo: the famous early mediums, the Fox Sisters. The author of the book, Christine, is alternately skeptical, fair-minded, funny and observant. She honed these skills, no doubt, as a reporter for the Dallas Morning News for seventeen years. She is the first reporter to write a book on Lily Dale known as the town of mediums that talk to the dead. I will write more about my experiences there in another post.

Having just visited Lily Dale for two days and having two sessions with two of the well-known mediums mentioned in this book, I find this book most fascinating and the perfect antidote to feeling miserable with the flu. Its stories and the journey to seek truth taken by the author has taken my mind off my illness which is always a good thing. It has been said that what you resist persists. Thus, the less focus on my yukky health and the more I am into this book, I am doing myself a service.

Somewhere this afternoon after multiple naps and chapters read in this book, I turned a corner. And I finally felt well enough to make a posting. My appetite is returning, and brussels sprouts are steaming on the stove. The smell of good food is making me hungry, and I am ever so grateful that I kicked this flu-bug in less than a day and a half. Life is good again. Thank God for books, beds, healing, friends to check up on me and recovery.

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