Monday, October 16, 2006


Round Object in Maui Sky After Earthquake

One of my other blogs is Maui Skies and when I was posting a photo of the sky after the earthquake yesterday on Maui this morning, I noticed this round object in the photo. I didn't seen the round object when I took the photo.

What is this round object? Of course, some would say it is simply a cloud! Case Closed! However, if it is a cloud, it's a solitary, strange little cloud. Might it be something else? This photo was taken with a Canon digital camera. The camera was pointed North/Northwest several hours after the earthquake rattled Maui and the Hawaiian Islands early Sunday morning.

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Well the photo is cloudy but there is something unmistakenly out there????
Hard to say, but there is a good chance you captuered something in the clouds!

I would go back to that spot a take more photos and see what pops up or out!
Judging by the blurriness of the speck compared to the rest of the image and the sixe of it, I would have to say it a spot on your lens.
As a poor cameraman who routinely has "spots" in his pictures, I have to agree with Steve that it was most likely dust or something on your lens, not some sort of UFO.

Scooter McGavin's 9th Green
It could be an orb or a ufo.
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