Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Playing Around with Aloha

One of the things I do to amuse myself is play with words and discover other meaningful words from them using the individual letters. I suppose there is an official name for this practice. By now, probably everyone has heard or read this one:


Sorting through papers today, I found a postcard from this company (Kaui-Hawaii), and so I am going to give them credit for this word-play since I didn't see any other name attached. I am sharing this with you because I think it is excellent.

A= Akahi (Kindness, to be expressed with tenderness)
L=Lokahi (Unity, to be expressed with harmony.)
O='Olu'olu (Agreeable, to be expressed with pleasantness.)
H=Ha'aha'a (Humility, to be expressed with modesty.)
A=Ahonui (Patience, to be expressed with perserverance.)

And here's a terrific quote, "Aloha is not a greeting, it is a feeling....the feeling that God is present." Reverend Abraham Akaka

Here's my own rendition of the word Aloha using the concept that in Hawaii we greet friends, loved ones, and strangers with aloha:


How 'bout you? Do you have a word-play for ALOHA that you would like to contribute in the comments below? Come on and play with me in the Spirit of Aloha!

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