Monday, October 30, 2006


Pele's Curse: Urban Myth or Not?

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By now most people have heard of the story of Pele's Curse. For those that haven't heard, the story (or urban myth) goes like this: if you take a rock from the Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park, you will experience bad luck. Many people who have taken a rock from this park mail the rocks back after having seriously bad luck--so much so that the Park Service is seriously overworked! This tale has been given such mana throughout the years that most people around the world now know of this legend and believe it to be true. The letters that accompany the returned rocks speak of tragedy, lost love, accidents and other dire events that transpired.

Is this merely a case of the power of mind creating these rock/stone curses, or do the rocks/stones really carry cursed energy when removed from their natural environment? It's up to you to decide, but I venture that the stones in Hawaii are very powerful, and it's wise to leave them where they are! Anyway, it's illegal to remove the rocks. The best thing to do if you've taken a rock is to ask for forgiveness from Madame Pele.

On quite another note and if you're in the MOOD for ghostly, scary television, the Travel Channel is featuring a program titled Most Haunted Live 2006 this week. Today's location is The Vaults!

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It's strange but i feel that stones do have impact on us humans. If moon is so powerful to cause high and low tides on can see that celestial bodies and stones do have a impact. Same can be true for stones and metals on earth.
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