Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Of Geckos and Black Nail Polish

I took a photo last night of the nocturnal geckos who play/mate/battle/feed on insects every night on my bedroom window. Since the sound of geckos is one of the first to greet and amaze visitors to these Hawaiian Islands and since geckos are one of the Island's ubiquitous symbols, I thought a photo of these geckos might be interesting to my readers. Read more about the myth, lore and legend of Hawaiian geckos here.

As night follows day, I also decided to experiment with painting my nails black since black is the "In" color these days with trendsetters worldwide and the epitome of chic for young, professional women. Thus, it was that I bought a bottle of black nail polish--not the high-end Chanel Black Satin nail polish since this brand is extremely hard to come by due to its popularity. The 'look' is short nails with black polish according to those in the know. Being just a bit curious to see what my nails would look like black, I went for it and painted away ever so carefully. This was the first time for me as I never went through a 'Goth' stage. I haven't gone into public with my nails yet. Maybe I should wait to go out with these trendy nails in the night like the nocturnal geckos. Black polished nails probably look less daring at night--at least until Halloween. Even though the bumper stickers on cars over in the Islands here read, "Paris, Rome, London and Paia" or versions thereof, we are usually at the tail end of trends.

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You always have the most diverse, interesting posts. Keep up the good work.
I really like the photo of the geckos! I enjoyed also the blog, verry funny! Maui usually is the "tail end" of style from the mainland makes sense!
However the Goth style has made more of a common style choice for teens here. Almost less like an outsider and more a trendy way to dress. A few years ago, I remember when I saw a teen boy paint his nails black, to be a rebel or be different...I guess now black is "in". Sooo, the question now is... what color will be the new rebellion ...clear gloss! :)
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