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No Way is Michael J. Fox Faking It!

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Every now and then something you read will trigger you. Today was my day to get triggered when I read that the actor Michael Fox was accused of exaggerating and faking his Parkinson's Disease symptoms and Michael's shaking was "purely an act" by Rush Limbaugh after Michael appeared in a TV ad for Missouri Senate challenger Claire McCaskill, a candidate who supports stem-cell research.

Having had a grandmother with this disease, I observed the same herky-jerky motions, and I don't feel most actors could get the timing right or act this perfectly. Later on, it was reported that Limbaugh issued an apology with the add- on that he felt that Michael was letting his condition be exploited. Give Michael a break! There are pros and cons for stem cell research as there always is for everything, and I imagine anyone with this debilitating disease would want to find a cure! Duh!

Here's the YouTube video of the Michael J. Fox commercial in case you missed it.

Let's support Michael for his bravery! He dares to be transparent! Michael is an amazing guy in my book!

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You would have done better if you had published the full text of the comments that you excerpted, and had put in the quote from M.J. Fox's book in which he admits to going off his medication when he makes public appearances in support of his disease.

Just because someone is a victim of circumstances, does not permit them to enter the political arena and come out unscathed
I have to say I was changing radio stations and heard Rush's radio show talking about Michael J Fox. So I kept listening, First of all he said to his radio audience that in Micheal J Fox's own book that he sometimes goes off his meds to show the true effects of the disease. Maybe he was on or off is meds, I don't know...either way he was not faking. He might be showing the effects to prove a point. In the radio show, I guess the point Rush was trying to make or what I got from it was to show how some actors
will exploit their diseases for poilitcal reasons. I do not feel it is explotative, but real. I guess everyone has the right to their own opinion, even if it seems heartless.
While I admire his bravery and yes, his outspokenness and dedication, I do not support embryonic stem cell research. There are other sources of stem cells, and other ways to harvest the same data. I do not agree that it is ok to create an embryo that will never be a life when there are other alternatives that yes, take more time and care, but are the right descision to make. You don't create life to destroy it. Running over a huge ethic in favor of a short-cut will only hurt us in the end.

I think an important thing to note is that the word "Embryonic" seems to be being dropped from all of the media coverage as to suggest to the target audience that nothing's wrong with stem cells. I agree that nothing's wrong with researching stem cells, but "Embryonic" stem cells are created by sacrificing a human life.
And yes, someone I loved died from a condition championed by the embryonic stem cell movement. My position.

Rush isn't one of my favorites lately. He is hardly the "shining light" of the people who oppose this research.
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