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Massage...oh yes!

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Today I received a massage from a masseuse whom I've been seeing for years. S. performs the most skilled, improvised combination of hot rock, deep-tissue, shiatsu, reflexology and lomi lomi massage. She has been a masseuse for many years and rarely takes on new clients because her business is booming. She works out of her home, and she has a very healthy lifestyle (rowing a lot), balanced home life with husband and children, and a healthy diet. Thus, her energy body is clean, and so I am a devoted client as are all her others.

For those that don't know what lomi lomi massage is, here is a brief explanation: the lomi lomi massage works the muscles with continuous, flowing strokes, most often using the forearms. Lomi lomi is a beloved Hawaiian tradition which relieves the muscle tension that can block energy flow, and so a lomi lomi massage facilitates an overall healing since the Hawaiian view is that the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual are all part of the larger self. When something happens on one level, all other levels are affected.

And for those that have never had a hot rock massage, it would be a great gift to give yourself. The hot rocks are very soothing and relaxing as they are kneaded into your muscles. S. leaves these hot rocks (which she pulls from a temperature controlled vat) at various points of the body while she is working on another part. For example, once I turn over on the massage table, she always puts just the right size hot rock underneath the back of my neck. While I am lying on my stomach, she places several along my back. Very yummy!

S. has a healing gift plus she is very strong. Recently her husband and her paddled across the channel to Molokai with several other friends who followed along in a motor boat. They all took turns paddling the outrigger canoe, but all in all, S. and her husband paddled about nine miles. These strong arms are want endear her to large size men who need someone with strong arms! They also endear her to me for she has the right mix of tenderness, awareness and strength.

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After having been sick for two wweeks now, I can say that a massage sounds really, really good...
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