Sunday, October 15, 2006


Hawaiian Earthquake Overblown

I decided to make my second post of the day about the Hawaiian Earthquakes of the day. It seems the media frenzy is overblown IMHO! Nothing really horrible happened here. Sure, we were without electricity for awhile. People had to stand in short line for ice and essentials at the only store open in South Maui, an ABC store (note the short line in the photo!). People were a bit nervous. However, no one got seriously hurt. The damage was minimal. Why such drama for an earthquake about the Hawaiian Earthquakes when every day people are dying of starvation and getting killed and maimed in so many parts of the world? Go figure! Not even my Thanksgiving decoration (which is as light as a feather) fell down on my front porch. Notice the photo. Let's get real. Pray for those that are seriously in need of our prayers!

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It's Typical of the Media... "Size Matters" so the bigger they can make the story the better...
Yes it was a blessing that no one got seriously hurt. However it is interesting to see how people respond to this earthquake? Some people were frantic, others seem to think it was no big deal, others heading for high ground in case of tidal wave, and others going into churches in fear, and the most interesting group of people thinking that they had something to do with it and caused the whole thing? I think after the electric got turned back on it was business as usual and topic of conversation for days to come. As a Maui resident I am just glad to hear no one was injured, and my prayers go to the residents of the Big Island who experienced the epicenter.
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