Friday, October 20, 2006


Finally Friday

I had a thought today: why not have a group photo blog MEME called FINALLY FRIDAY? There is Wordless Wednesday, Thursday Thirteen and others, but is there a group to celebrate Friday? Friday is in my book one of the best days of the week as this is the day when most people's work ends! I feel the festivity of the upcoming fun weekend and the relief from the week FINALLY FINISHING! I hope this feeling was picked up by WeFeelFine.Org

Here's a photo I will use to begin my Finally Friday Meme courtesy of Charles Pfeil because I FEEL like this frog today in that I just wanna hang out and pretend it's already Saturday! Is this not the cutest, most colorful frog you've ever seen?

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Finally Froggy Friday.........

F stands for Friday the countdown towards Weekend bliss!
R Rest and relaxation
O Over the weekend...laundry, cleaning house, reading what do you do ?
G good times
G glory of sleeping in!
Y Y cant the weekend be all the time?
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