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When we travelled this past September to the Mainland, one of the highlights of our journey was a visit to the horse farm of Beth Crose. If you want to read about our experience with her, read here from another one of my blogs, The Art of Living and Dying.

Beth does amazing bodywork with horses, and her website Collective Energy Therapies is here. Besides the equine bodywork she does, she also crafts beautiful, personalized dreamcatchers. Look under the heading Gifts and Videos on her website to view some samples of her amazing dreamcatchers. The ones she designed for us just arrived yesterday, and we are thrilled! They are gorgeous and individually designed for us with our birthstones which equate to the Native American astrology, special touches and totems.

According to the paperwork accompanying our dreamcatchers, "Each birth totem is influenced by an element and a direction; it also has an affinity with a particular stone, tree and colour. A totem typifies the central qualities or characteristics of a personality. It describes one's nature and is the golden key to unlocking the intuitive knowledge which lies within one but is beyond the grasp of the intellect. The totem is a direct link with the energies which it typifies and is therefore an invaluable tool for understanding the intangible aspects and formative influences at work in our lives. Each individual has three totems, a birth totem, a directional totem and an elemental totem..."

If you would like to read more about the legends and benefits of dreamcatchers, check out this website: Soultones.

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Beautiful dream catchers, now don't forget to dream! A very special and unigue gift,
Dream Catchers are beautiful....dont forget to dream...they also can make a special holiday gift !
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