Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Dancing Stars In My Eyes and Heart

I have a confession: I am addicted to watching the tv series Dancing With The Stars on ABC television. Sure, it can be a little hokey--some of the jokes made by the emcees don't meet their mark--the judges can sometimes be mini drama queens, BUT with all that quibbling out of the way, I think this is one of the best shows on television.

Here's why IMHO:

Dancing elevates our Spirit, and when you see beautiful dancers, beautiful costumes and dancers dancing their little tootsies off to compete and win, it's a combination made to thrill and lift our Spirit.

These dancing amateurs obviously work extremely hard at learning these dance steps to be able to compete as well as they do. Frankly, I don't know how they do it in so little time UNLESS they are given more time to learn the dances than I am aware of....which could very well be, given the magic of television. These dancers deserve our praise to put their sweet a***** on the line in front of millions of viewers to critique.

I have grown very fond of the personalities of the different celebrities as they handle this challenge: the criticism, the rejection, the judgements! Oy Vey! How do they handle all this? I tip my sun hat to them as they juggle this anxiety & tension with so much grace. Viveca was so incredibly touching and regal when she got voted off! She was a great dancer too! I think everyone was shocked that she was eliminated. I know I was.

What can I say but I love them all. I don't want to see anyone rejected, because each in their own way is performing their best. Jerry Springer is doing far better than I anticipated, and Emmitt Smith as well. Who knew that a game show host and a football player could perform and dance so well? With that said, I do have some favorites: Mario and Karina AND Monique and Louis.

For more about the show, check out the site here.

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