Saturday, October 21, 2006


Cloak of Invisibility for Halloween?

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Maybe you've read the news lately about the cloak of invisibility created by the scientists? If not, you can read about it here.

We have entered the brave new world of Star Trek and Harry Potter. What next? Holidays at a luxurious resort on the Moon?

Much of what is reported in the news about scientific developments and discoveries has already being accomplished I have read, and some people conjecture that what the news reports is as much as anywhere from a twenty year time lag or more. This makes me wonder how long this invisibility has been going on vis a vis visits to our personal spaces. I'm glad I'm not an overly paranoid person because if I were, this news might make me squirm a bit and wonder if indeed that shadow I saw was indeed a visitor in a cloak of invisibility. Shadow people have been reported for a long time. Read about the Shadow People here in Wikipedia. Maybe the Shadow People were scientists testing out their cloaks of invisibility for many years before the announcement? Who knows for sure! Or could those wearing the cloak of invisibility also see and be seen by the Shadow people? There are many thoughts which come to mind when considering this cloak.

In any event, when Halloween comes soon, I plan to keep my awareness cloaked around me just in case someone decides to visit me wearing a Cloak of Invisibility. There must be some way to determine when one has an invisible guest. Let me know if you've got the secret.

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Kudos to you, you have very fascinating blogs. I enjoyed reading this one and hope your blog audience can appreicate the effort you put in to find these stories,and the articles the mass media tends to dismiss.

As for Harry Potter, I had my first HP dream last night that I was a character in the new movie and that their was hidden doors to news worlds to be discovered and the doors were invisible and looked like just a plain old wall. It was all about discovering the insivisble walls!!!
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