Friday, October 27, 2006


Bamboo Love

Photo: terragalleria

I've long been a big fan of bamboo. Bamboo is extremely pleasing to my eye, and it's also versatile, flexible, sustainable, renews rapidly, grows quickly, workable, durable, affordable and WEARABLE! Yes, bamboo clothes (even designer duds) have found a market, for bamboo clothes are environmentally friendly. The bamboo yarn is stronger than cashmere yet still light. Check out some bamboo clothes here. It's the ideal fabric for these tropical Islands.

One of my favorite books is Bamboo Style by Gale Beth Goldberg. Gale writes in the overleaf of her book, "Bamboo is sacred. It embodies the interconnectedness of all life on this planet." I feel the same way, and this is why I have many items made from bamboo around my home. I particularly like Bamboo Art such as the fanciful Ferris wheel-type sculpture made by Dutch sculptor Antoon Versteegde displayed on Page 123 of this book.

One of my favorite hikes is through the Bamboo Forest in Hana, just above the Seven Sacred Pools. If you visit, park in the parking lot for the pools, then cross the road to find the trail that leads through the bamboo forest. This trail will take you to a gorgeous waterfall and pool. There is a boardwalk for part of the trail with steps that go up and down, so it's wise to bring a flashlight if you take a late afternoon hike when the light dims.

Photo: terragalleria

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