Sunday, October 01, 2006


Another Sunday At The Beach

Beaches are one of the best places to people watch. Simply amazing people show up to marvel at and wonder about. This Sunday we saw twins which were older ladies show up with matching swimsuits, towels and t-shirts. They went into the water, and they did synchronized swim strokes. I asked one of them as she walked by, "Are you identical twins?" Maybe it was a stupid question, but one of them looked just a bit different. She said with a sweet smile that her sister had survived cancer, and that is why they now look a bit different. They were a lovely vision.

We saw a man go into the water with his dog, and the both of them swam side by side for a long distance and then back again. When he got out of the water, he gave his dog a great rub-down.

We saw a lady dancing all by herself with long swirling rainbow colored banners.

We saw a Hawaiian family contentedly working on a sand castle for many hours.

A day at the beach is one of the best remedies. Just being. Just observing. Just being aware. Just loving what is.

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Lovely images. thanks for sharing.
I found you through Blog Soldiers.
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