Monday, September 11, 2006


Why Steve Irwin Did It

I understand others that push the envelope. Steve Irwin was a kindred spirit, and I understand why he did a lot of what others might consider daring and crazy. No, I'm not a crocodile wrestler, sky-diver or adrenaline junkie. I'm a person who asks: "is this all there is? I thought it would be bigger, better, larger, and er....more!" When I visisted the Great Pyramid in Egypt, I clearly recall thinking "It doesn't look so big at all!" The same thoughts have gone through my mind (and sometimes expressed to others) about other great artifacts, temples, and icons. I have tempered my disappointment in size and "more-ness", but I still ask myself the same question quite often: "is this/that all there is?"

When you have my kind of temperament, you wanna push the envelope to make something "more" happen, or you want to re-design it so it's even more outrageous, appealing, better and BIGGER! Were I a tough guy, who knows what I would do and what kind of risks I would take. However, I'm a woman and am designed with a strange blend of 'chicken-shit' & one who wants 'more'. This results in an inner conflict. Some of the stupidest things I've done was because of this compulsion to make something 'more' happen or to experience the 'edge'. That I'm still alive is a miracle. It's my 'chicken-shit' side that usually talks me out of things that are dangerous and foolhardy, and tells me to keep my mouth shut and re-think whatever I am considering.

Which brings me to today and the famous San Antonio Riverwalk of which I have heard so much. Yes, I expected more! I asked my famous question once again: "is this all there is?" Why was the river water stagnant and not moving? If I had my druthers, I would have liked to have seen moving water, some festive gondolas or something of that sort plying the river, more charming shops mixed amongst the bars and restaurants, and an attractively designed short wall to keep drunks from slipping and falling into the murky, dirty river water. Do drunks fall into this water often? I really don't know, but I imagine it could happen with all the bars and restaurants serving alcohol along the Riverwalk. Who fishes out these drunks-- maybe someone who has a hero/heroine inside of them looking for more?
I fully agree with you, sometimes it's really disappointing when you see the reality. I had that with the Niagara Falls, Graceland (where I expected a big house and only saw a small one) and the famous Côte d'Azur in France. Probably much more, but this came just in my mind.
This was a sad story, and I believe he had a huge passion for the animals and the world. A terrible mistake in his death, but I bet he would say, it was a way to die and he loved what he was doing.

I found your blog through Thursday Thirteen so I guess I am a little early here but here is my TT list...
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