Friday, September 22, 2006


Why Blogging Is Popular

What I often find interesting when I visit a city is the difference in how a city is presented in the news and how I experience it. Take Columbus, Ohio for example. Since I've been spending some time here, I've had the opportunity to have exchanges with a variety of different people: women from India working as cashiers in minimarts, strangers on streets whom I've asked for directions, neighbors or relatives, waiters and waitresses in restaurants and so on. Invariably, I've encountered what is known as "the salt of the earth" people...kind, easy-going, non-pretentious, friendly folk. I've not experienced any red-necks, angry or disturbed people.

However, on the local news television I've watched here, I hear another story. One story is that gangs are active, and that one of the big underground sports which are videotaped and sold (under the table so to speak) are street fights. The newscaster warned the television audience that what would be shown would be violent-- and the images shown were indeed so. The images showed girl- on- girl bashing each other in a vicious cat-fight, and boy- on -boy doing the same thing-- not to mention the gang fights. I wondered if possibly these kids weren't being paid to fight just for the videos. Either these fights are for 'real', or there is a dark underbelly to the congenial Ohio folk I've not experienced or clued-in on.

You can't be sure what you read or hear in the media is truth. For instance, we read (while still in Maui) that Columbus, Ohio was experiencing a major 'depression', and yet from those we have spoken to here in Columbus, our connections say that such is not the case at all! According to our sources, the Ohio economy is flourishing, and mega mansions are being built, as well as lots of regular housing and other building projects. From the long lines at restaurants to the multitude of cars in shopping malls, the economy does indeed seem to be doing quite well.

It's becoming more difficult to believe what you hear and read in the media anymore. I think this is why blogging has become so popular: you read stories and news written by people who are there in person and on location-- living the life. Bloggers aren't on the payroll of the news 'machine', and they report to their readers what they are experiencing without being funded by a lobbyist or public relations person. Bloggers aren't censored as far as I know. Therefore, when I report to you (as do other bloggers), you can almost certainly bet that what I write is probably closer to the truth than what you read in newspapers or hear on the radio or television. This is why I'm convinced blogging will grow in popularity because people want to know the truth.

For the most part, when I mention the word "blogging" to the Ohio relatives and friends of Bob, most of them are clueless as to what blogging is. They ask either Bob or me to explain it to them. They have yet to grasp what a great gift blogging is for truth-sharing. Eventually they will catch on. In the land of programmed sheeple, we need all the truth we can get.
I was born and raised in Columbus, moving from their twenty-two years ago. Columbus is my favorite city on the planet. It has everything. Plus the friendliest people you'll find.

Mark Daniels
I agree -- for the most part the blogs I read are written by real people with every day real-life concerns very much like my own. For the most part sensationalism on blogs is geared toward laughs, not economic or polotical deception. This medium allows us to connect with real people beyond our own sphere.

I think that's why Dr. John picks a new link every day and sends us visiting. There is much we all have to share.
hey~I'm almost right above you in Cleveland, Ohio. I have lived here almost my entire life, and I like it. We still kind of have 4 seasons. And 4 the most--friendly people! However, I would Much Rather Be in Hawaii! I have never been there, but oh, how I desire to go! I'm so glad dr.john sent me here 2 you!
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