Friday, September 08, 2006


What is Scarlet, Grey and Nuts?

If you answered a Buckeye Football Fan, you would be right! My partner and I are here in Austin, Texas where the pre-game fever is running high! Tomorrow will be the showdown between the college teams of Ohio State University and University of Texas. Depending upon whom you listen to, either team is favored to win. Lots of monies are being bet on this game...this is THE game of the season! Last year Texas beat OSU at Columbus, and this year the Buckeyes want revenge. With the upcoming game tomorrow, Austin is even more of a party town (so I hear from the locals) than normal...which is saying a lot since Austin is known as Party Central. The only time I have felt this kind of energy is before a heavy weight boxing match in Las Vegas.

Looking through their local tabloid papers, it seems that every other ad is for a music venue, club or bar. I've never been to a city where music and booze are so intertwined. I know University of Colorado at Boulder has it's own reputation as a party school, but it can't come close to the party scene here in Austin. We'll be leaving right after the game, so we'll miss the big outdoor concert scheduled in mid-September. I really don't care, because the event will surely be one huge Drunk-On!

We walked around downtown Austin yesterday to get a feel for it-- something you have to do to scope out the locals and chat them up. We prefer this way of getting the feel of a city rather than driving. We met friendly and helpful people, and of course, the topic was The Game on Saturday between Ohio State University and Texas. Since my mate is an OSU Buckeye, he was a happy camper! He is super excited about the game. We even went to the highest building we could find to take photos of the stadium. He didn't want to wait to see the stadium game day. Does that give you a clue about "scarlet, gray & nuts?"

We showed up in Austin earlier than the other Red Shirts, and so Bob (wearing his red Buckeye shirt) got a lot of attention as he was the early-bird. Now there are Red Shirts everywhere. Since I graduated from college in Texas, I had to buy a burnt-orange cap (the Texas color) and t-shirt for a bit of balance at the Co-op near the UT campus. Not that I care about football, really! Football is barbaric to me, and I never cared for it. I only liked the sexy football players growing up, and thus I dated them. One of my old football player boyfriends who was HUGE (a fullback) used to take me in one hand and spin me around and around above his head. That was fun for me, and I didn't even get dizzy. Go figure!
Be nice I lived in both places for quite a few years...

Dress *Neutral* wherever you go and you should be fine as long as you never say where you really are from...
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