Sunday, September 24, 2006


We Fall Down, But We Get Up To Shop Again

Most likely this posting will appeal more to women than to men as women are reputed to be "shoppers". However, I will attempt to write something worthy in regards to shopping that will engage the men as well. And thus, I will start off my posting with the concept of Fair Trade Shopping.

For those that don't know about Fair Trade, here is a brief synopsis. The products which you buy in Fair Trade Stores are just as the name would imply: traded fairly. The artisans which craft or produce the items in fair trade stores are paid fair wages, not slave wages or sweat-shop wages. The fair trade organization is a non-profit with a passion for justice called Ten Thousand Villages. On their brochure, it is written: "As a nonprofit, fair trade retail organization, Ten Thousand Villages invests in dignity, sustainability, education and hope for villages and neighborhoods in more than 30 countries around the world."

This nonprofit has many stores around the Columbus, Ohio area as well as an online location to purchase their products. Yesterday I visited their newest store on Xenia Avenue in the charming town of Yellow Springs, Ohio which is about an hour's drive from Columbus. The lovely store (Global Gallery) was filled with handcrafted items and artwork from around the world. Since I love ethnic, handcrafted items, it was hard to choose just one thing--as I was on something of a self-imposed shopping budget. I'm sure ya'll know how that goes when you're on vacation--you always spend more than your budget really allows! And at some point, you have a talk with yourself, and tell yourself to stop it! Stop the shopping!

In any event, I bought a fabulous gourd rattle from Africa. Not that I need another one, but I collect talking sticks, Native American rattles and many other ethnic rattles, so I had to add another one to my collection, right? Plus I believe in fair trade, and I wanted to support the store. I hope my shopping/collecter readers get the concept. Big SMILE! One of these days, I would like to have a jam fest with my Native American drums, other drums, rattles, musical instruments with many joining to joyfuly celebrate that more justice and fairness is evidenced in global communities.

Yellow Springs is a college town, the home of Antioch College, and it has lots of great gift shops. Another one that I fell in love with was Sam & Eddies Open Books, also on Xenia Avenue. Like the title of my blog suggests, shoppers always rise to the occasion. We may fall down, but we always rise to shop again! Just when you tell yourself that you can't spend another dime or you don't need to buy one more gift or you don't really have to have that item, along comes a store like Sam & Eddies! The moment I walked in the door, I wanted to buy the whole shop! The shop had so many wonderful goodies that were irrestible to me, and I'm talking gifts, cards, books, music, calendars, and artwork. Nothing was terribly expensive, but somehow when it was added up, the receipt was more than planned. Shoppers will know of which I speak. We ask ourselves, "How did I spend this much? I just bought a FEW items!" We are incredulous at our ability to ring it up! Sigh!

Speaking about ringing it up, if you are a shopper, you don't want to miss this store in Columbus: Damsels in This Dress on High Street in Worthington, Ohio. For this shop, you definitely want to bring your plastic or a pile of money. However, you will find the most amazing, one-of-a-kind purses, shoes, accessories and apparel--designer, hand-crafted beauties that you won't find in department stores. If you like to dress and accessorize with flair, style and make a style statement, this is the store for you. Damsels offers some of the most unique items I have ever seen in a boutique, and it is popular with those who desire to look original. The co-owners shop for a discerning crowd that doesn't mind spending money to style themselves.

I'm off to another day of what else but eating and poker. I promised myself I would not shop today! We'll see how long I can keep this promise.
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