Sunday, September 17, 2006


Waking-Up When You Want

Everyone has their own definition of luxury or luxuries. For some it may be a fine cigar, an expensive, rare bottle of champagne or a private jet. For me, it is waking-up in the morning whenever I finally awake. This awakening from sleep without a time-restraint is the rarest of luxuries for me. Most Mothers would agree with me. Once you become a Mother, waking up whenever you please goes bye-bye. Even for others, there are reasons why they have to awaken at a certain time: jobs to get ready for, things they HAVE TO DO, priorities, obligations and such.

Today I experienced a rare luxury for me. I slept in very late---really late for me! My normal required awakening is 6'ish in the morning. I awoke at 10:30 AM ON MY alarm clock, no place I had to go, nobody telling me to hurry up, no obligations and places I had to be, nobody asking anything of me or needing me. I have truly experienced the luxury of awakening to my own rhythm today! I feel incredibly blessed! And it feels SO GOOD! I could get used to this luxury!

Vacation for me began today! I even declined going-out with my charming hostess for I am going to savor this rare feeling of doing nothing---well, almost nothing. I will blog because blogging brings me great joy. I will get down on the floor and wrestle with the two Corgi house dogs and commune with the alien cat. I will open a new book and read under a shady tree in an Adironack chair and soak in the Indian Summer. I will loaf, be self-indulgent, jacuzzi under the stars tonight, laugh a lot and daydream. I will refuse to rush. Oh, how I love vacations and awakening on my own time schedule! When I awaken on my own, the day begins with a treat. These days are the rarest of the rare luxuries for me. This may be the ONLY day I will get to experience a TRUE vacation of my three weeks away from home, and I am going to appreciate every second of this extraordinary luxury.
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