Saturday, September 09, 2006


Tonight Is The College Football Game of the Year

In about two hours the hottest contested college football game of the season begins with the Number One ranked team, Ohio State University and the Number Two ranked team, the University of Texas. This collge football game has Austin in an uproar, and over the last three days we have watched the football frenzy grow with more and more Red Shirts or scarlet and grey shirts appearing everywhere...from fancy Italian restaurants to the streets to the stores to the funky Mexican establishments. Go Bucks is shouted everywhere we go it seems, and one of the loudest shouters is my crazed partner Bob. He can't seem to stop hollering this phrase.

Bob called just a bit ago from the Erwin Center where the Buckeyes are hanging together before the game. He had his photo taken with the famous Archie Griffin (sp?) and Archie signed his brand new lucky OSU cap gifted to Bob by our hosts. This is as close to Heaven as Bob will probably get in this lifetime UNLESS the OSU team wins the game tonight. If they win, I'm sure I will see Bob levitating!

Our hosts are taken us to the home of a famous Austin news caster for a football party, natch!
On the advice of a wise commenter, I am wearing turquoise and remaining neutral---in truth, this is how I feel. I trust that God knows the best outcome.

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