Thursday, September 28, 2006


Thirteen Reasons Why I'm Overjoyed to Be Back Home On Maui

1. Maui is such a powerful healing place, and inevitably I need the "healing" after travel elsewhere.

2. My very special & beautiful daughter, my cat, my home, my friends: I missed them!

3. My skin loves the tropical humidity...wrinkles disappear like magic.

4. Horn-honking is virtually absent here. I can't remember when I heard someone blare the horn at another driver.

5. Maui is easy to get around (for the most part) freeways, few traffic jams (unless you're going to Lahaina) and within twenty or thirty minutes, I can be at most places I need to go.

6. Aloha Spirit drifts through the air and lands onto the smiling faces of so many.

7. My two computers with whom I have an extremely strong bond and intimiate relationship.

8. Maui News: hey, I wanna know what's happening here! What's new?! I hear that the world's largest observatory is going to be built on Maui amongst other exciting news.

9. The weather is not so hot...and like Goldilocks, I like my weather JUST right! The air conditioner doesn't need to be run full blast most days now.

10. The ocean is calling to me, but after having been away for three weeks, I will need at least a week to play the game of 'catch-up'. But at least I can see the cobalt blue ocean from my windows, and soon I will be frolicking in the waves once again and spending some days at the beach.

11. I sleep better in my own bed with it's special design and set-up.

12. My windchimes outside my window and the ever-present bird sounds soothe me.

13. Maui has fun people, a vacation-vibe, and a happy heart which I love.

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Then the 14th reason, there is no place like Maui.

God bless.
What you describe would be like paradise to those of us, here on the mainland. Oh we have farmland and such, but even those places have and from, and too many people on the road. I am glad for you, wish I was living in paradise, but Kansas it not bad as a second choice.
Congrats on kicking Murphy out, too.
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