Sunday, September 03, 2006


Sunday At The Beach....after The Big Fire

The biggest brush fire ever to happen on Maui is still blazing even though the road has been re-opened it was reported today by the Maui News. Read here for the full story about the fire which affected so many tourists, businesses and locals on Maui. I wrote about this fire in my last post, and in the previous post to that about the danger of having only one road to and from East and West Maui. Everyone gawked at the fire during the evening for it looked eerie....resembling lava flowing down a mountain. Below is what the hillside looks like from Kam One Beach today....totally charred.

Today was beach-day, and it was back to the sights of a Sunday at the beach with a happy dog furiously digging a hole a minute in the sand.

A cherished child gets tucked into a sandy bed by a loving father at the beach.

And so it is--the excitement has dwindled, and the routines resume... and it's back to the familiar sights and sounds of life on the Paradise Island of Maui... except for one stark statement of an enormous blackened hillside. Will this fire provoke the impetus to build another road?

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