Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Riverboat Gambling and Poker

It wouldn't take much stretching the imagination to visualize Bob's family as a group of gamblers on the gambling riverboats in the America of yore. If Cosmic Central Casting were casting, they would surely choose every one of his family to play a part. Even before poker became trendy, Bob's family were dedicated poker players with family gatherings around the dining room table several times a week if not more. These poker parties aren't big buck events: just quarter poker. And when the family members take vacations, they invariably choose Las Vegas, Atlantic City and/or a riverboat casino.

We just returned from our two day gambling jaunt to the gambling riverboat Argosy Casino and Hotel in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. Although this casino probably isn't as colorful, wild and crazy as it no doubt was back in the day, this casino still packs them in--we were there mid-week, and the four-level riverboat casino was jamming. This casino isn't shabby or looks a smidge less glamorous than their more outrageous Vegas and Atlantic City sisters. The slots are fairly loose, and the pay-outs happen frequently. Of our six-member group, every one of us hit four aces on the slot machines at least once! However, only one of us came away with sizeable winnings: lucky Susie. That's what I call her because she's got a lucky charm woven into her fiber. When I begin gambling, I always exchange money with her first thing to ensure that I win, and this act on my part always pays off. Being the sweetie-pie that she is, I can't think of any one more deserving to win. If there was a contest for the person the whole family would vote to win a lottery, casino gambling, dining-room-table poke or whatever, I'm sure Susie would be the hands-down favorite.

Now don't think me too nutso or woo-woo, but having read that people reincarnate in groups, I feel that this family once was a part of a gambling world. If you could see them and know them as I do, you might understand. Gambling is so 'thick' an energy flow with them that it's really not hard at all to imagine them playing the parts of gambling characters on a riverboat. In my minds-eye, I see them in period costume, fleshed-out and in vivid color. Was I one of their group I ask myself? Can I see myself there on a riverboat paddlewheel with a Maverick-styled cast of characters? Yes and no.

Yes in the sense that I too have a fondness for rivers, excitement and drama. No in the sense that I've never been a gambler, don't know very much at all about poker, and can barely sustain myself at a table without an infusion of quarters from a charitable poker player. The names rattle my brain: Seven Card Stud, Follow The Queen, High Queen in the Hole, and various wild card games, Low Card in the Hole Wild, Baseball. Each game has it's own complicated play which baffles me, and to say I'm lost sitting at one of these family poker parties when the Dealer's Choice is called out is understating it. I feel like the biggest dummie of all time.

After returning from this gambling excursion, what does this family want to do? Why gamble of course! So another poker game ensued, and I'm given a bunch of quarters to participate in this family ritual. To my surprise, I ended up winning a bunch of games and quarters. It's what you call Dumb Luck. I've always been lucky that way. Grace and angels are in my pockets and hang with me, and even though I've not won a lottery yet, I am blessed with 'wins' and blessings every day of my life.
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