Friday, September 29, 2006


Murphy's-Law Relative Moved to My Maui Home

By now everyone has probably heard the oft-repeated quote, "If anything can go wrong, it will." I was thinking about this today as it seems that while we were away on vacation, one of Murphy's relatives moved into our home, and he doesn't want to leave. I have saged our home, banged on drums in corners, rang my Tibetan bell clockwise around the house and so and so forth....and yet, Murphy's relative continues to play havoc here. Only in minor ways, mind you. However, I'm getting frustrated and aggravated with the mischief and break-downs.

But let me back up a bit before my full-blown lament and tell you something about Murphy's Laws. I did a bit of research on this quote before beginning my post today, and I discovered that there are many Murphy's Laws. They are listed on the sidebar of this site. For instance, there is the famous Love Law which states, "All the good ones are taken."

I suggest that this site add another law which goes something like this: "The longer you are away on vacation and the more fun you had while away, the more stress and aggravation will be awaiting you upon your return." Yes, this sounds right to me. For every three weeks away, there will be likely three weeks of things to fix, problems to resolve, late bills to pay, phone calls that needed to be returned yesterday, everyone wanting something from you NOW or yesterday, mechanical things that go awry, and bizarre, mysterious things that are off-the-charts in the Mystery Department.

Such has been my experience with my Murphy houseguest. I would prefer this law to be a figment of my own imagination, except for the fact that indeed other people experience this law as well. So I know I'm not the only one...unless we are creating these Murphy-like-experiences and relatives with our own minds because we believe in them somewhere deep in our subconcious minds. This is a possibility according to quantum physics.

Nevertheless, Murphy is going to be kicked out of my home soon as I am diligently combating him by finding missing receipts, ordered parts for products which have stopped working, recovered missing emails written on scraps of paper and lodged inbetween books, returned some (not all!) of my emails and phone calls, and tirelessly applied myself to resolving the multiple Murphy challenges. Pretty soon, Murphy will be moving on. Just remember this posting when you go on a vacation! Maybe if you put up a Do Not Enter Murphy sign, you won't find your own invisible Murphy mischief house-sitter lodging at your home upon your return.

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