Thursday, September 21, 2006


Ghost-hunting & antiquing

Ohio is rich with ghost stories, and today we visited Room Nine where the notorious "Blue Lady" hangs out at the Buxton Inn in Granville, Ohio. Since Sherry is friends with the manager, she allowed our three-member ghost-hunting-group the opportunity to commune with the local famous ghost that so many others have reported seeing in this room in the Inn. Of course, this room is sold-out on Halloween!

We dowsed for the 'cold' spot--often a sign where another ghostly energy resides. And we found it near the settee. Supposedly the ghost who was formerly known as "Bonnie" was fond of blue, and that's why the Lady in Blue tradition got started as at one time the room was decorated in shades of blue. As the room was filled with antiques, old photos, and such, it was easy to imagine a ghost might want to hang out here.

Since I'm something of a smart-aleck, I offered a sandwich from the Buxton Restaurant where we had just eaten as an offering to the ghost. Sherry asked for a sign from a glass chandelier hanging ornament to move, but nothing happened. There was definitely some energy present, and I opened the Bible to get a sign from a phrase. I opened to a passage from Psalms, and this passage seemed to imply that the ghost wanted to be released. Nothing outrageous happened, and so we went downstairs to the gift store to look at a book about the history of the Inn. While I was sitting in a chair reading up on the history, Sherry pointed out a small chandelier on a table behind me which had glass pieces which were swaying back and forth. There were no windows open, no fan, and none of us were moving and shaking the floor. We watched as the glass pieces of this small stationary chandelier continued to move. Was it possible that the ghost from Room Nine finally was making its presence felt? We can only wonder.

Then we went off on an antique shopping jaunt, and we found an adorable store in Thornville, Ohio called the "White Cottage" which had amazingly low prices, lots of fabulous antiques and an eclectic collection of handmade Halloween items. Their pamphlet states, "We carry an eclectic & ever changing collection of new & vintage cottage style furnishings for home and garden." Apparently people drive from all over Ohio to this small town to shop for the unusual vintage and hand-created items here. We walked out with two large shopping bags of great gifts for favorite being the pumpkin cornbread handmade candles. Ok--I admit it---I saved one for our home. The smell is divine, and if you're on a weight-loss plan, it's probably wise not to burn these candles.

I love the quote by Ed Hays on the brochure which read, "When we lack the proper time for the simple pleasures of life--then we have missed the purpose of life." Today none of our group missed out, as we enjoyed the simple pleasures of laughter, exploration, friendship, food and wonderment.
Ghost hunters? oh my, if you knew what a scary cat i'm about these things. the first thing that came to mind in reading your post was how you guys aren't scared...silly me, of course you are not..
I'm one frightened little mouse when it comes to things of the Supernatural.

It sounds like you guys are a great and fun loving team. It is wonderful that you get along so well. I wish you the best in the future. Dr. John's spirit will always be with you.
I live in Savannah, GA and we have lots of opportunities to Ghost Hunt. I never believed in them or spirits until I had moved here. I'm getting a bit frustrated with the aparition that keeps appearing on our Doggy door flap... but it's not causing any harm to us. No luck either. Great blog! Sent here via. Dr. John.
You must be brave to be ghost hunting. I wouldn't dare.
Just passing by to say hello from Dr. John.
I've always been intrigued by ghosts and ghost stories, but I'm such a skeptic that I've never had anything that I could call a "ghostly encounter".

Well... Unless you could the time when I was 13 and we lived in this big old house that had been moved into town from a farm. That place was always cold and creepy. And everytime I went into the basement, I'd have to run back up the stairs because of an unexplained sense of dread. Weird, eh?

Well, I thought I'd let you know how I found your blog with an unoriginal little limerick I wrote. Here it goes:

I was sent to you by Dr. John
He said to write "Dr. John"
I'll obey Dr. John
'Cuz he's Dr. John
And make sure I write "Dr. John"
Haunting your site because of a sign from Dr. John (you're actually his link of the day).

Actually, your ghost hunting/antique buying trip sounds wonderful! I'd love doing something like that.
I spent a good deal of my childhood with a grandfather who was a spiritual medium and held "ghost callings" in the back room of our house.

In my family, believing in, and having experiences involving, the spirit plane is as normal as using the telephone.

All this and antiquing, to boot? Sounds like quite the outing!

I arrived here via the "Dr. John Highway" no Ouija board necessary!
I am here to haunt your blog.....

blame Dr. John.....
I dont believe in ghosts but it does sound like fun hunting them:)
Dr John sent me...
Being from Ohio myself I find a lot of those little shops tucked away in small towns, they always have the most unique things! I love them. I dont know about the ghosts...but I guess as long as they are friendly Very nice blog you have here. Im here because Dr John gave me a day pass from the Fortress!
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