Friday, September 01, 2006


Fire On The Pali

Yesterday I posted about changes that needed to be made on Maui, and number FIVE on my list was an alternative route to and from West Maui. Well, today traffic going into West Maui is being turned around once again because of a fire on the Pali. At this point, the fire is threatening to cross the road, and this is why those who commute to and from Lahaina and other western parts of Maui are being given an early Labor Day Holiday!

With only one road leading to and from West Maui, those that need to return home, go to work, or deliver goods are stranded on the opposite side. This single route is why another route desperately needs to be constructed. The Maui 'wheel' of progress grinds very slowly, and only now are we beginning to see the glimmer of another highway, Mokulele Highway, which is being widened to four lanes and made higher by twelve feet near Kealia Pond because this area is prone to flooding.

Many who read this blog were incredulous that there was such a need for employees here on Maui. After all, isn't Maui the Paradise that many daydream of moving to, and if need be, find a job to support themselves? This article in the Maui News speaks to this problem as there is a lack of poll workers to help out with the upcoming polls.

As disheartening as it is to hear of trouble in Paradise, maybe my reporting of the reality of island living will make others feel less envious. People everywhere are dealing with challenges and demanding overdue changes...some of of us are merely in different boats.

Mahalo Nui Loa and a Shout Out to all my Blog Jolt & Thursday Thirteen friends. You made yesterday very special for me!

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