Saturday, September 16, 2006


Fashion Show Assistant

Having modeled in my twenties and done the catwalk many a time back in the day, I am comfortable with fashion shows and know very well the frantic, frenzied vibe that goes on behind the scenes. Today I participated once again in a fashion show as an assistant to Bob's niece Sherry who was putting on a fashion show for a charity in Ohio where we are visiting.

Like most fashion co-ordinators, she was frazzled, but she had a legitimate excuse. She has been travelling the U.S. this past month on buying trips for her boutique, plus she journeyed with us to Lily Dale and Niagra Falls, Canada-- and then she had enough energy to throw the huge birthday bash at her home yesterday evening. The person Sherry had delegated to organize the show hadn't put the names of the models on the different garments which were to be shown, so in the last hour, Sherry was desperately attempting to get organized. I did my best to help her out, calm her down, and contribute so the show would go off without a hitch. Which it did.

Sherry is a pro, and once she got her hand wrapped around the microphone, her natural showmanship came to the fore, and she was making jokes and preaching her fashion philosophy. She spoke of how all woman aren't the skinny children portrayed in the fashion magazines-- but woman are beings with curves, breasts and butts. The audience ate up her impassioned spiel, and why not?! She spoke the truth! She had models of all sizes, ages and looks modeling for her fashion show which made for a more interesting show in my opinion.

As I was surveying the outfits for the fashion show today (very glamorous and VERY expensive clothes and accessories), I had mixed feelings. Yes, I love the seasons, and I sometimes miss clothes that go with different seasons--living on Maui in the tropics as I do. I love wearing sweaters, boots, scarves and coats. On the other hand, I have become so accustomed to wearing next-to-nothing bikinis, going barefoot or slipping on a pair of sandals and a funky outfit, I don't know if I could return full-time to the World of Clothes. If I had a choice, which one would I choose? Can I have them both? I guess that's why we often travel in the autumn and winter so we can once again experience what it's like to enter the World of Clothes!
This waqs a fun post must have bene a great day assisting! I love clothes too...and have you been following Project Runway?

I love it because it is a good example how clothes and design depend on the designers imagination even more than money or time limits. The talent of these people is incredibl e what they make for less than two hundred dollars!
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