Friday, September 15, 2006


Covering Lots of Territory

Since my last posting, we have travelled from San Antonio back to Austin, Texas to Chicago to Columbus, Ohio to Lily Dale, New York to Niagra Falls, Canada and back again to Columbus. I am weary from being on-the-go, even though I have relished all the wonderful people and adventures. I am hoping to have a couple of days of staying-put to recuperate before heading out again for more travel. Today all the missing items that were misplaced in various bags have been found, and for the first time in a week, I am beginning to feel somewhat organized.

Last evening we were in Niagra Falls, Canada, and our table at the Waterfront Restaurant at the top of the Hilton faced both the American and Canadian Falls. The stunning falls shifted into rainbow misty colors with the lighting set-up. This view was breathtaking and beautiful--the dinner companions were fun and lively---the conversations were hilarious--the cuisine was fabulous. Life is good. While having desert, Bob phoned to say he had won a large gamble at the neighboring casino.

On our travels northwards, we made a small detour to visit a ranch in Ohio owned by an extraordinary young woman named Beth Crose who is an alternative and complementary equine therapist. Her company is called Collective Energy Therapies. Her darling filly Shaylee (in Gaelic "Fairy Princess of the Field") had recently suffered an accident which had left a gaping hole in its chest. Since Beth works with alternative healing methods, she was working to heal this wound, and Bob and I participated with our healing energies as well. Later on the road we received a phone call from Beth to say that after our visit, Shaylee was healing at a remarkable pace which made our hearts sing to hear this news.

I have a lot to report about Lily Dale, the home of many famous mediums and our adventures there, but I will have to put that into another posting as the big birthday party downstairs in the home we're staying continues....and my presence is being called for!
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