Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Wake-Up Tech Housecall

The other day my several-year-old Dell laptop's keyboard suddenly wouldn't work. Desperate to discover what was wrong with it, I called my hot-shot computer tech. Since he became so popular with the resorts in recent years, it has become increasingly difficult to receive a return phone call from him. Weary of this treatment, I called a friend who highly recommended his computer tech who made an appointment with me right away to come check out my laptop. This new computer tech is a dream come true. Not only does he rapidly return our phone calls, he is less expensive than our old one! We are thanking our lucky stars that he is alive and available on Maui.

In a short period of time, he had my laptop up and running again. However, the horrifying news was this: my computer is a relic according to him, and it's only a couple of years old. He looked at my laptop with contempt. I was shocked...have computers changed all that much I wondered? So I began shopping around to see what was going on with laptop technology? A whole lot I discovered, much to my dismay. My Dell laptop computer was like an old granny.

But here's the good news: apparently my Dell laptop was made just BEFORE the flaming, exploding Dell laptops, so my laptop wasn't on the list of the recalled laptops. I went to Dell's website and discovered that granny is safe. Sometimes older is bettah, eh? Go figure.
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