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Thursday Thirteen

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Thirteen Things I Love About Maui

1. Maui Film Festival Every week Barry Rivers offers another delightful film. This week it was "Mongolian Ping Pong" about nomadic kids "who mistake a table-tennis ball for a glowing pearl from the gods."

2. Star gazing on the beach with long-time Maui astronomy guide Harriet Witt, her telescope and the Maui night sky.

3. The Kaheawa Wind Power Project which is bringing an alternate energy source to Maui. We need a solution to our high costs of propane, electricity and gasoline.

4. Haleakala Crater and other great hiking trails. On Maui there are many trails to reconnect with Nature and with oneself.

5. Pohaku--Hawaiian Stone, ancient, sacred stones which still carry a powerful energy current and facilitate remembrance. (He Ola Ka Pohaku...There is Life in the Stone and Death in the Stone...Ancient Hawaiian Saying) These sacred stones often serve as guardians of various places...others bestow health, growth or fertility...others are used for divination. I love living on an island where stones are alive, known, utilized and respected!

6. Energy centers throughout Maui which have a concentrated forcefield and the ability to tap into them. Some of these centers called 'heiaus'(sacred spots) are well-known, and others are not. These centers facilitate (as do the pohaku) higher connection, energy and focus.

7. Hawaiian music, storytelling, filmmakers and hula. Incredible musicians, singers, storytellers, filmmakers and performers of all ages, shapes and sizes grace us Maui folk with their creativity and respective artforms. A very special film titled "Keepers of the Flame" by filmmakers Eddie and Myrna Kamae about the cultural legacy of three Hawaiian women who kept the flame of Hawaiian culture alive will be shown this Saturday at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center, and this is only one of many fabulous musical offerings on Maui.

8. Dolphins and whales. We have the cetaceans in abundance in the waters of Maui. Spinner dolphins make up the greater portion of dolphins in the waters here, and every winter we are blessed with the annual return visit of the awesome, gentle Humpback Whales who migrate here to frolic, make love and calve.

9. Massage. Per square inch Maui probably has more skilled massage therapists than anyplace else on the planet. Hot rocks massage combined with lomi lomi is my favorite, and I have my favorite therapist of course.

10. Gifted Artists of all kinds. The gift of expression through different mediums is abundant on Maui. Sometimes it seems that the Maui Muse touches everyone at some point in their time spent on Maui whether they are merely passing through on vacation here or living here. Art is everywhere-- it is displayed and for sale at local crafts fairs, swap-meets, in-home salons, and high-end galleries on Front Street and the Shops of Wailea. Writers, poets and bloggers are also touched by the Maui Muse. I have nine main blogs which doesn't include my smaller blogs now. Once the Maui Muse gets ahold of you, you have no choice but to surrender.

11. The democratic, low-key quality of life here. Maui hasn't become totally yuppified and Southern California yet. It's not shameful to drive a Maui Cruiser and being accepted by others doesn't require expensive clothes, accessories and lots of money.

12. Breathtaking views, plentiful rainbows, fragrant smells and tropical greenery. My heart soars when I land once again on Maui after a trip away from my island home paradise. Maui is so lush, green, fragrant, and beautiful that living here is hard to beat. The moment I walk down the airport aisle after de-boarding, and I 'take-in' the island in all its splendor, a rush of gratitude overwhelms me, and I feel connected to eternity again.

13. Ohana-- the Hawaiian word for family and extended family. If you are meant to live on Maui, your kin will gravitate to you like a magnet. I call Maui: M.U. or Maui University--this university is 'real-time' with Life Lessons and Soul Lessons. Mama Maui knows the best, most creative way to teach these lessons. Some folk graduate with honors, and then move on to share their hard-earned wisdom with the world. Some folk get kicked off by Mama Maui. Others stay on to help Mama Maui as her ground crew to facilitate these lessons.

Thursday Thirteen

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