Thursday, August 17, 2006


Thirteen Things I'm Grateful For

1. I'm grateful for the talented ones who know how to fix things for my family and me...the 'honey-do'men and women of the world. Like the old joke goes--I must have been at the tail end of the line when God/Goddess was handing out mechanical and 'fixing-things' abilites. Were it not for the 'fixers', my lifestyle would crumble.

2. I'm grateful for the friends that 'get-me'. It's so great to share laughs (or tears) with someone with whom you resonate and is a kindred spirit.

3. I'm grateful for friends who are transparent, authentic (aren't running an agenda), and are being simply who they are, for better or worse. You never have to suspect them or watch your back around them.

4. I'm grateful for air conditioning, ice cream, cold drinks and short shorts.

5. I'm grateful for my supportive family, friends and colleagues who provoke me to think, make me laugh, inspire me and challenge me to be the best I can be.

6. I'm grateful that I have the luxury of time to meditate, create, research, study, travel and spend time outdoors in Nature.

7. I'm grateful that I have been gifted with strong intuition, psychic abilities, and knowings and the faith and trust to follow-through on the information I receive.

8. I'm grateful for all the loving peacemakers, artists, healers, benefactors and activists who serve and enhance the lives of many. They are my heroes because of their diligent drive to inform, improve, salvage, inspire and redeem all forms of life. They are the fingers of God/Goddess in action.

9. I'm grateful for the internet, computers, great websites and blogs, alternative information, books, radio and television.

10. I'm grateful to participate and be a witness to this extraordinary time period, the shifting of the ages called The Great Shift.

11. I'm grateful that I see the opportunity that sharing gives me and I'm aware that when I'm receiving with the right thought/consciousness that I'm also sharing.

12. I'm grateful for my angels, guides, Higher Self, inner-child, spiritual beings, and all the many parts of myself that watch over me, protect me and guide me so that I remain in balance with Love/Pono thoughts.

13. I'm grateful that I've learned to regularly let of negative thoughts and emotions so that I'm unencumbered by negativity which allows a clear flow of energy to permeate my being.

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That was really pretty. Thank you for sharing.
Difficult to make a comment on that, so... be happy !
I read that you were just added to the T13 blogroll....WELCOME to Thursday Thirteen!!!!
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