Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Thirteen Tasks To Do Today

With Ratings on the Fun Scale from 1-10 (10 being the best)

1. Get blood taken at lab for yearly check-up by my doctor--rating 1

2. Complete (9) blogs before lunch with girlfriend at Five Palms--rating 8

3. Return phone calls and emails--rating 8

4. Discuss upcoming activities, schedules and events with partner...make decisions!--rating 7

5. Tidy up house and attend to household chores--rating 4

6. Edit partner's latest blog posting--rating 6

7. Meet friend for lunch and ocean swim--rating 10

8. Write checks for bills--rating 1

9. Attend foreign art movie at Maui Arts & Cultural Center--rating 10

10. Give attention to neglected cat--rating 10

11. Catch up on world news and emails--rating 7

12. Journal--rating 10

13. Meditate--rating 10

What does this tell you?

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Quite a busy day,eh ? What came out after you finished meditating ?
My husband doesn't like that because usually I come out with a new idea for example going to Turkey in October (which I will do)
I think that list tells us you like your time with friends and loved ones and your time alone best. :) Me too.
Hang in there. Take time to do what's special to you!

Enjoy your Thursday!
I am not fond of the bills, cleaning the house or getting blood drawn either, but I really like the other things on your list...especially the playing with the cat.

my list is up
When do yo find time to eat with a schedule like that? I have a hard enough time keeping my house nonpresentable :) I wonder what my list would look like?
Ralph & Nell have been married for
56 years, and we have two sons, one
daughter in the Islands. One boy, 46 years old, lives on Maui in Up-country. His name is Danny Benn.

We never hear from from him. The other boy, 56, lives in a town
near Hilo. Don't hear from him often. We have a grand-daughter
named Hanalei, what a great name!

Maui, It's the best!

So, I write a blog about History,
and our perils in dealing with the Muslim Culture. If anyone in your
circle shares my concern, please
give them my blog address. All of
your Comments will be appreciated.
Sherri Vierra is my friend. A fine
lady in Haiku! She has no
computer. (print,Forward)

reb...Snake Hunters blogsite.


Record name & town. Mahalo!
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