Thursday, August 31, 2006


Thirteen Most Needed Changes on Maui

The Thirteen Changes Most Needed On Maui are listed in no particular order of importance. Since elections will be here soon, these are the issues we want addressed by candidates.

1. Affordable Housing
2. Alternative Energy Sources
3. The long-promised road from South Maui to Upcountry
4. Ground water management
5. An Alternative Route from/to West Maui
6. Safe Bicycle Paths
7. Alternative Cane-burn Method
8. South Maui Hospital
9. Pay Raises for Teachers & Nurses
10. At Least ONE more Gas Station in Hana
11. Reduce Coastal Light Pollution
12. Measures to Protect Wild Coastline
13. Additional Recycling Centers

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Well as happy as I am that you're excited to have found another Islander on the TT...I have to admit I'm only a temporary one! My hubby got transferred to Oahu and we will only be here for a couple more months. So I don't really feel like a true islander. Plus I really miss the snow!! hehehe

But I'm glad to meet you and will frequent your blog. We haven't made it to the other islands yet but are planning to come back often!

Mahalo for your kind words!
Wow! Such a beautiful place that needs so many changes? Who would a thought
It's our hope over here that the teachers and staff in Hawaii get the pay raise they so desperately need. We've been hearing a lot about that lately, and it's just sad.

I hope you had a terrific Thursday! Thanks for visiting me!
Hope someone can get them into gear for the changes that are needed. We need a better energy source too.
affordable housing and energy sources are great and are needed in many places! The part of NJ i'm in "affordable" and "housing" can't even be said in the same sentence without people laughing....sad.
Wow! Those are some pretty big changes! I hope that they happen.
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