Saturday, August 19, 2006


Summertime Joys

Art: Courtesy of Josephine Wall

What are the ingredients for your perfect summer day? What are you doing this summer? I'll show you mine if you show me yours. Comments....please!

Books On My Nightstand:

In the Merde for Love by Stephen Clarke

Blurb from back cover: "Clarke does for Paris what Peter Mayle did for Provence, but Clarke's month-by-month account will have readers chortling throughout...."

The Genesis Prayer by Jeffrey Meiliken

Blurb from back cover: "The Genesis Prayer divulges how we may simply amplify our powers of traditional prayer."

Miracle in Maui by Paul Pearsall

Blurb from back cover: "Miracles are natural. They happen because life is as miraculous as it is precarious..."

Guilty Pleasure:

Big Brother All Stars on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday nights
FaFarazzi with my own league: Dolfun DLite


Julie's Organic Vanilla Ice Cream & Dark Chocolate bars
Blogging....ten blogs now! A serious addiction to expression & expansion.




Who's Yo Mama has moved up to a Flappy Bird in the Ecosystem

Listening:'s free and fabulous on the net.

In Love Again:

With photography, even though I'm an amateur

Shopping for clothes:

Not interested--this is most bizarre! Can anyone explain this?

Lusting for:

New Toshiba laptop/notebook computer and a new Canon 8 megapixel digital camera

Dreaming of:

Provence, Verona and Ecuador in no particular order


Clothes, dream interpretation, blogging assistance, lunches


Three-week vacation

Wishful thinking/daydreaming:

Windfall, lottery win, dream home or instant enlightment in no particular order


Fresh French goat cheese


My new 2006 car


More swimming...I can't get enough!

Laughing at:

absurd, uncanny cosmic set-up's which happen to me and friends


Peace Peace Peace May all beings be happy. May all beings be free.

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First of all LOOOOOVE the artist! She painted two of my favorite paintings Moon Goddess and the Bob Cat which is my totem animal besides the Pegasus!

Any how thought I would share my Summer time fave's:

Listening : to my ipod:) ( which has 300 songs from Dee Lite to Steely Dan from Chicago (showtunes) to retro 80's)

Books: not reading one at this time
Guilty Pleasures: Big Bro Allstars Project Runway (love it)
Addictions: Working out
Slacking: Not very much?
Dreaming: I dreamed of art last night and making les petit quiches in France with capers cream cheese samon and chevre
Planning: On finishing my first art project in my new series
Craving: cool crisp air
Great Artist

This summer has been good ....... we have had sunshine, butterlies, the beach, good firends and a holiday - we have been blessed
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