Sunday, August 20, 2006


One of those Who Yo Mama dud jokes

Photo: terragalleria

Today is Beach Day!!! Yahooooo!

Colbert Trash Talks The New Planets and attempts a lame Who's Yo Mama joke! Actually, I'm a big Colbert fan! Here's the link.

You Tube is kinda weird sometimes when I try to link to a video. If the Colbert video doesn't come up for you as it didn't for me when I checked on it and all I got was the snakes on the plane video, try typing Colbert in as he has lots of videos on You Tube.

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Beach day ? You are writing from another planet ! Over here we have torrents of rain. Wonder where all this water is coming from ! About shopping, self explaining, you have other things to do. Shopping is someting for bored women.
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